Our department was established in 1996. It is located in the left wing of Science building as four storiesbuilding. It is one of the renowned chemistry departments in Taiwan. Staffed with eminent faculty member, the Department is well equipped with all necessary instruments to advance the frontiers in research and development.

·Bachelor Program (BS) since 1998   ·Master Program (MS) since 1996   ·Doctoral Program since 2001.

 In addition to this, as part of curriculum, it also encourages Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF) to work on challenging and cutting edge projects in chemistry.

Currently, the Department holds 21 staff members to contribute both in teaching and research, including ten professors, six associate professors, one assistant professor, two training assistants and two administrative assistants. In 2015 fall, the Department has a total of 315 students , comprising 234 undergraduate students, 62 master students and 19 doctoral students.



Our department is one of the well-equipped departments in the nation. It houses the following instruments for performing advanced research in chemistry:  NMR spectrometers: 300 MHz Bruker NMR, 400 MHz Bruker NMR and 600 HR MHz NMRMass Spectrometers: Bruker MALDI MS, Perkin Elmer TGA/MS, Finnigan LC/MS, Finnigan GC/MS, Agilent GC/MS;GC & UV: GL Science GC and Hitachi UV/Vis Spectrometer; Fluorescence spectrometers: Aminco. Bowman series 2 FP (2) and Perkin Elmer LS55 FP; Polarimeter: Jasco P-1010 Polarimeter; Optical Spectrometer: Jasco-J-715 CD-ORD; XRDs: Bruker Apex II Single crystal XRD and D8 Advanced Bruker Powder XRD.

The Department obtains projects and financial support from both industrial and government agencies. Research programs with high co-relation to many fields are currently in progress at the Department. Our department as well as professors provide stipend to master and doctoral students.



Degree Minimum Credits Required Course Credits Additional Course Credits Gen. Ed. Program
Bachelor 128 68 21 39
Master 22 10 12 0
Ph.D 22 16 6 0

Detailed information and requirements about our Ph.D graduate program :                                 

  1. Taking compulsory and seminar courses to fulfill the required credits
  2. Choosing a research advisor
  3. Gaining six cumulated points in examinations
  4. Requirements after the second year
    1. Oral Examination of the research proposal
    2. As the key author of two SCI papers
    3. Thesis defense   


National Dong-Hwa University Department of Chemistry
(Science building 1) No.1 Sec. 2 Da Hsueh Rd.,Shou-Feng,Hualien,Taiwan,
(974-zipcode)Republic of China
Phone: 886-3-8633572/8633574
Fax: 03-8633570